Common ground between stakeholders, yet transformational shifts may be required to achieve all that is wanted from woodland creation

A research approach combining analysis of key policy and planning documents together with discussions amongst stakeholders found that there are five distinct ‘visions’, or ‘positive descriptions of ideal futures’ for what an increase in woodland cover in Scotland might ideally look like. There is a great deal of consensus between different visions that woodland creation... Continue Reading →


Visions: finding common ground, building positive futures

What is it that we as a society want from our relationship with the land in the 21st century? With a 'perfect storm' of ecological and social challenges brewing (Beddington, 2009), there is a strong argument to be made for far more transformative changes in the way that we interact both with one another and... Continue Reading →

A budding exemplar of modern forestry

ESCom ( events seem to be blessed with attracting some rare Scottish sun and a particularly beautiful Wednesday saw 11 members of ESCom venturing out to Menstrie Glen, near Dunblane, to explore Jerah, one of the largest new forest plantations in recent years. Jerah is now two years old (think trees at or below knee height),... Continue Reading →

Woodland expansion: a nature-based solution for 21st century Scotland?

Through my PhD, I'm part of Ecosystem Services Community (ESCom) Scotland ( a community aiming to support collaboration between science, policy and practice in order to develop new solutions for managing Scotland’s environment. I'm excited to publish a briefing note outlining the topic of woodland expansion in a Scottish context, the potential for a more wooded landscape to provide heaps of benefits to... Continue Reading →

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